Delivery Note Template

Xin Inventory Delivery Note Template

Xin Inventory software comes with range of delivery note template, quotation template, invoice template, purchase order template, customer statement templates and others with or without company logo. User can easily choose template that suitable for business used.

User can easily update business logo, business information like business name, business address, business phone, fax and email into the system and it will be displayed professionally in invoice template, quotation template and others templates.

Xin Inventory 2.0 comes with template editor which provide flexibilty for the user to edit the invoice template according to their business needs.

Template editor - edit delivery note template easily

Xin Inventory software comes with template editor so that user can edit the Purchase Order Template, Quotation template, invoice template, Delivery Note Template and others easily. This template editor can used to
  • + Change font type and size
  • + Resize company logo
  • + Add field
  • + Delete field
  • + Resize column
  • + Change background color
  • + Add label
  • + Delete label
  • + Add box
  • + Add border
  • + Change border color
  • + Rearrange item position
  • + Change column header
  • + and many more

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Delivery Note Template customization service for Xin Inventory 2.0

We do provide invoice customization service to suit your need with a small amount of service charges. Do let us know if you need invoice customization service bycontact us here

Testimonials for Xin Cube products

  • Working in Thailand it is difficult to find a system that does Quotation -> Invoice -> Receipt without too many extras that cost a lot of money! Great program.

    Mark Pearson
    Premier Thai Lawyers, Thailand

  • The software is user friendly and easy to use for beginners.

    Mohammad Abdoh
    Gearat, Saudi Arabia

  • The software is very powerful and easy to use and the video file is helping a lot to understand it and to work with it.
    also the support or replying my email was so active which will make me more satisfied to purchase it.
    my best regards to all the team

    Faidi Abdulhadi
    Color Zone, Saudi Arabia

  • Thanks for that program. It's really helpful!

    Dimitris Themistocleous
    ADT Engineering LTD, Cyprus

  • Great software, easy to use and flexible. I would like to see a possibility to add comments to invoices and quotes for internal use. Excellent price-value ratio.
    Thanks, Jan

    Jan Lichtenberg
    InSphero AG, Germany

  • I love this product! I was using a access database before this, and it had a lot of problems with it. Then I was going to use quickbooks, but it was your product that i was really looking for. It is fantastic! I do have a future request to make. A send receipt function after a payment has been entered. It could be sent the same way invoices are, either printed and mailed, or emailed as an attachment. But for now, this product rocks!

    James Garman
    3 Rivers Computer Solutions LLC , US

  • In recent time i have not come cross like XINCUBE Software Simple and very economical prices ever expected, keeping going with many more updation that could boost ample of clients around the globe

    Deepak Reddy, CEO
    Vision Technologies, India

  • It is nice to see a piece of software that actually does what it says it will do.

    Simon Jones
    Topcomputing, UK

  • Was looking for a simple invoicing system for a customer starting a new business that she could manage herself. I came across Xin Invoice and couldn't believe how good it was for the small cost.
    We bought in version 2 and my customer loves it! I think when she sees the improvements in Version 3 she will instantly upgrade!
    Support is very good, very helpful and very quick.
    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a simple but effective invoicing system!

    Trevor Watson
    Iteachu Computers, UK

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