PO Template

Xin Inventory PO Template and Invoice Template

Xin Inventory software comes with range of PO template, delivery note template / packing slip template, invoice templates, quotation templates, credit note templates and customer statement templates with or without company logo. User can easily choose template that suitable for business used.

The uploaded business logo, business information like business name, business address, business phone, fax and email will be display professionally in invoice template, quotation template and others templates.

Xin Inventory 2.0 comes with template editor which provide flexibilty for the user to edit the invoice template according to their business needs.

PO template editor / invoice template editor- simply and easy editor

Xin Inventory software comes with template editor so that user can edit the PO template, invoice template, quotation template and others easily. This template editor can used to
  • + Change font type and size
  • + Resize company logo
  • + Add field
  • + Delete field
  • + Resize column
  • + Change background color
  • + Add label
  • + Delete label
  • + Add box
  • + Add border
  • + Change border color
  • + Rearrange item position
  • + Change column header
  • + and many more

If you have any problem, please go to our support http://www.xininventory.com/inventory-software-support.html

PO template / invoice template customization service for Xin Inventory 2.0

We do provide invoice customization service to suit your need with a small amount of service charges. Do let us know if you need invoice customization service by contact us here

Testimonials for Xin Cube products

  • This product is just the program I need for my business. Easy to use no extra work with good looking invoices & delivery notes. Wish I had found it before.

    Stewart Lyons
    Kiddygifts, UK

  • I am very happy to say: This program is so user-friendly and the staff is so very helpful.

    Skaggs Auto Parts, US

  • Awesome invoice software that gets the job done.
    Over-all, I am pleased with this find. Quickbooks used to offer a similar setup for a similar price, but then decided to cut it as a stand-alone. This product is great for those who really only need basic invoice software, but don't want to spend $100+ for it.
    Highly recommend this for any small business or start-up.

    Feltz Auto & Scrap, US

  • Your Xin Invoice software is fantastic and so is your support service .

    Bob Halliday
    Handyman Solutions, Australia

  • Great program! Very flexible and adaptable to personal preferences thanks to the template editor.

    Carel van Weijen

  • I had a chance to use this software, and I am liking it thus far. It's clear, I was able to add my Logo and did not have to call for help yet. Thank you.

    Roger Mc.
    McGregor's Industrial Equipment Training, Canada

  • In recent time i have not come cross like XINCUBE Software Simple and very economical prices ever expected, keeping going with many more updation that could boost ample of clients around the globe

    Deepak Reddy, CEO
    Vision Technologies, India

  • Your program is outstanding, easy to use and you are able to personalise invoices, great feature, have tried many, but yours is hard to better.

    Origin Health Ltd, New Zealand

  • It is nice to see a piece of software that actually does what it says it will do.

    Simon Jones
    Topcomputing, UK

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